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Indy Laser

Indy Laser

I love to be case modding and never stop to develop my skill.



Hi! Im Ethan Cooper from Australia, I think that I am best know for the crazy over the top mods that I produce :D



I am a US based modder. I have been modding for about 6yrs now. I like to use lots of aluminum in my projects!

Rob Deluce

Creative Mindset

I'm mostly known as Deblow or Megadeblow, my real name is Robert De luce, I am from the largest town in the UK, Huddersfield.Been in to PC modding on and off Since around 2001.



Hi, my name is Mickee and I love PC casemodding and I also make tutorials on how you start your own project. If you want to see more of what I do please visit one or all of my Social media pages. MOD ON!



As a modder, I like doing mITX projects, be it a case mod or a scratch build.


PC Mods

Sleeving-Japan Shop founder and owner. PC Modder, PC Builder.

Suchao Prowphong

By Suchao

I am a farmer in Thailand I know the Internet since 2012, and the passion to build a computer To create works using their own liking, such as movies and games now, I have been creating all the 40 cases.



You can call me a merge of PC Enthusiast and an Artist. I believe every Mod is a piece of art in which you express yourself and what you appreciate. I hope you too can be a part of our wonderful community.



Samcaworks ,a casemodder that focuses on mixing pop culture elements in casemoding. He also makes awesome scratch builds. He is creative in many ways and manages his resources efficiently.

Mhike Samsin

Fulltime Modder

Hello! My name is mhike, most people know me online as tantric or tantricmodz, I own and operate a small shop in manila called tantricmodz pc casemodding, PC Modding has been my passion and hobby for the last 10 years.


Pro Modder

I started modding Rig last 2015. It was just a hobby until I saw Jessie Tiongson’s (A.K.A Bernado Mod Chop) work. I asked him to teach me how to mod Rigs and how to install watercooling on Rigs.

Erik Bmods

Erik Bmods

I am a 36 year old PC modder from Canada who loves to create art with computers.

Calen Saddler

Build it

My name is Calen Saddler but, I'm most commonly known by my Company, "Envious Mods." PC Modding is a part of almost every aspect of my life

Alex Banks

Mod for yourself

I’m a professional case modder from London, UK, as well as the Modding Content Editor of Bit-Tech. I strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in case design.



I started off admiring the work of others and eventually decided to try it myself. It seemed impossible at first, but I was quite happy with my first project – Black Tone.