Oct 23, 2018



RGB lighting on computer hardware has been around for quite some time; from memory modules, motherboards, graphics cards, down to custom water cooling parts. Most recent themed builds incorporate these components, which complete the overall design or feel the builder wants to convey and leave spectators in awe.
The freedom of choosing colors from the full RGB Spectrum, as well as gaining control over selecting its effects, is of high demand especially from custom PC builders, modders, and enthusiasts. Being able to control everything using a single suite provides ease of access since it eliminates the need to install individual controllers for each component, and shortens the time needed to learn how to navigate each individual interface.


Having all those lighting options make it seem like things are in perfect place until you see each component light up in disarray. This paved way to the software and firmware development from one of the best RGB Synchronization software in this ecosystem, the ASUS Aura Sync.

This interactive software suite enables every hardware component that is connected to the motherboard to react as fast as 24 times in a second and gives users control over everything including the exact frequency at which one component shall execute the desired effect (i.e. All components will perform the breathing effect at the same time). In addition, you can set one component to light up faster than another or delay it by a few seconds to make it look like they are taking turns when in pulsating mode, or have them demonstrate a domino effect which is also known as the “running lights”. These are just some of the effects that you can play with and there’s definitely more once you get your hands on it. Ultimately, it brought a solution to synchronization and a new challenge to creativity, so we can all enjoy a spectacular light show!


We, at ZADAK, are always on the move to provide high quality and aesthetically detailed products that best suit almost every build/mod that you can think of. As an example, our previous product releases --the ZADAK SHIELD DDR4 and SHIELD SSD -- are favorable among PC modders and builders around the globe; they are also compatible with ASUS Aura Sync. We acknowledge and are pleased with this advancement so we’ve worked on producing a memory module in favor of such development.

Taking the challenge led us to our latest product -- the ZADAK MOAB AURA2 DDR4. This is the first memory module in 2018 that got certified by the new ASUS Aura Sync Program. It takes a lot to develop a product that works in this new system because the hardware needs to be quick at responding at the commands of Aura Sync, we stepped our game up and did the following:

1. Double the Clock Speed -- The previous generation MCU is at 1600MHz whereas the next-generation MOAB AURA2 DDR4 is at 3200MHz. With twice the capacity, the computing ability and responsiveness gained greater heights.

2. Massive ROM Upgrade -- The ROM capacity was upgraded to 32KB from 8KB which is 4 times the improvement that results to four times buffer capacity for future functions.

3. Increased Power -- LED power supply was increased to 320mA where the previous one is only at 140mA. This turned out to a more flexible pattern in terms of adjusting brightness.

Moving on its overall appearance the ZADAK MOAB AURA2 DDR4 is stealthy metallic grey, this allows the LED to stand out making your desired lighting effect easily noticeable. A diffuser is also present on top of the LED so that the light spreads evenly and does not hurt the eyes. Looking closer on the heat sink reveals the very artistic panel linings which ZADAK is very proud of as it was highly appreciated with our previous products.


In the end this combination between the ASUS Aura Sync and ZADAK MOAB AURA2 DDR4 is something that every custom PC builder that wishes a spectacular light show is hoping for. A complete software synchronization program that lets you do what your heart desires when it comes to impacting your build with using perfectly executed lighting effects, combined with the first ASUS Aura Sync certified memory module that packs a powerful computing power with an overall outstanding physique that may very well be fitting for any kind of themed build. We have ourselves a powerhouse of form and function and we are very proud and excited to share the user experience to everyone in the PC gaming, building, case modding and enthusiasts communities. Whether you are into explosive RGB patterns or single color lighting effect and synchronization this will be a very interesting venue for everyone to learn and make the most out of your creativity by the use of fully customizable lighting.

Please refer to the link below for AURA Sync program.