Oct 23, 2018

ZADAK-MOAB II-Cooled-Gaming-PC

Custom PC Water Cooling Redesigned

Layers of acrylic, O Rings and a significant amount of screws or sometimes acrylic solvent are some of the materials normally used for making a custom water channel. Also referred to as a manifold or custom PC water distribution plate the list of names goes on and on depending on where you are, but one thing is for sure, it is fascinating! And it has taken the layout of custom PC water cooling into a whole new level. When this unique layout of water-cooling popped up for the first time everyone was amazed on how a build can be so clean and elegant with the presence of a water distribution plate. It eliminates the lengthy and bendy tubing that connects one component to another by bridging the gap closer to where the connections should be.

This kind of layout for custom PC water cooling is not an easy task; as a matter of fact, one cannot buy it off the shelf just yet because it is designed to fit a specific build thus turning a modified PC case truly unique.

The Challenge

So how do you do about this method of water cooling? You can either ask a reputable modder who has the skillset and machinery to make one for you or spend a lot of time doing your own research until you are confident enough to make one yourself which is again complicated because it needs a set of special machinery, tools and materials. Sounds like a lot of work? True that!


Since this kind of cooling is quite unique, a lot of PC enthusiasts gain interest in owning a gaming system that does not just stomp over all the games they throw at it but also has superb cooling solution during heavy gaming “Custom Water Cooling” and lastly something that can actually make your friends say WOW the first time they see it.

This is why ZADAK went through years of research until finally coming out with the Mother of All Bombs! MOAB II WATER COOLED PC in short.

Developing this masterpiece was not easy as it required numerous attempts. The first MOAB PC CPU water block and memory modules did not come with full RGB lighting
but ZADAK being the craftsman of perfection was driven to produce a reiteration using high grade aluminum machined with precision and perfection. We also eliminated the saddest story in the PC water cooling community which is “the coolant in my PC leaked due to a deformed PETG or acrylic tube” by making our own custom water distribution plate as well as the CPU water block and GPU water block. In CPU/GPU water blocks as well as the whole water distribution plate in the chassis are industry specific O-rings that strongly seal every connection where water can possibly force its way out.

We are talking about a pre-built system with a water distribution plate embedded in the chassis itself, with the dimensions of (L) 31.1cm*(W) 19.3cm*(H) 37.1cm this is a case that will surely fit any set up that you have always wanted. With that size you might think that it is limited to an ITX motherboard but that is not the case. Our engineering team went above and beyond the boundaries of design to fit a full sized ATX motherboard so that we can pump the system up with a powerful CPU, RAM and graphics card. Meaning you don’t have to worry about games that it can run because every set is equipped with top-of-the-line PC enthusiast parts. Everything in the MOAB II is installed to get optimal cooling but we did not leave out the aesthetics department, one of the ongoing trends nowadays is vertically mounting a VGA. That configuration is available with the MOAB II on top of that we have designed a striking VGA water block made specifically for the GeForce GTX 1080ti which can easily be showcased as this is an open air case. We also added some additional features like swipe to power ON button and a very good looking monitor for real-time water temperature built in the case itself.


It is of our best interest to let everyone experience this unique system so we are slowly starting to make its availability in the PC market. We first brought first MOAB PC on 11/11 (double eleven) shopping festival in China 2017 and was really hyped by the warm welcome of the PC enthusiast community where 17 awesome MOAB PC units was purchased on the venue. As part of our continuous effort to spread MOAB, this year we made it available in Vietnam through professional modding shops then after September of 2018, MPAB II Water Cooled PC will be on the shelves of PC stores in more countries.

So if you are out in the market for a powerful pre-built gaming PC with the best water cooling solution that the industry has to offer the ZADAK MOAB II Water Cooled PC is your best choice. It doesn’t just look cool it is also perfectly cooled!

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