May 2, 2019

Three world-leading Modders will meet ZADAK fans face to face at Computex Taipei 2019

Taipei, Taiwan (2nd May, 2019) - ZADAK, the world's high-end customized water-cooled PC brand, is inviting three world-leading modders to meet  ZADAK fans face to face for its first time to participate in the Computex Taipei 2019.  Ron Lee Christianson is from Vancouver, Washington. He is not only an artist who specializes in painting, sculpting and visual design, but he also has nearly 20 years of experience in MOD studio and is constantly striving to realize the dream of no boundary of art and technology.  Mickee, who loves water-cooled MOD and has accumulated 6-7 years of skill, is from the Philippines. He’s built a refined and comprehensive modification space at his home.  This time, he will share with you the "Gibraltar" water-cooled PC for the theme of ZADAK Computex.  Finally, I believe that everyone is still impressed with Taiwan's water-cooling modder AK, who is good at combining the movie and PC or console game themed with MOD PC. After boarding the most popular modification host "Pip-Boy" at the Taipei Gaming Show this year, it will be again with ZADAK. The cooperation MOD in the theme of "Death Box Z" at Computex is expected to set off a boom again.  May 28th to June 1st, Computex Taipei 2019, ZADAK booth K0607a on the 1st floor of Nangang Exhibition Hall, please wait and see!


ZADAK Computex Taipei2019 Booth Information
Date: May 28th - June 1st, 2019 
Venue:  Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, 1F, Booth K0607a

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