Jul 28, 2020

Mod Project with Ron Lee Christianson [The Time Traveler]

The Time Traveler


My inspiration for this project comes from the love of Sci-Fi, steam punk, anime, fairy tales and lore.

I wanted this project to express my love in all of those genres and feel like I was telling my own fairy tale.


Early 1800s, Inventor at his workbench begins his work as the sands of time slowly seep thru the hourglass.

The Time Travelers mechanism rotates on-top of the inventors journal, with scribbles and designs of his working mind. The wooded chest that houses the PC is filled with his notes, inventions and other treasures for those you can find the hidden key.

The mice peering and waking out of their nooks look on and dream at the rotation figurine passing slowly thru time.

The dragons feet hold crystal balls that can foretell your fate if you look closely enough...


What other adventures await you if you just turn the key..




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