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  2. If you are a minor, you shall let your legal representative to read, understand and agree to the terms of this user change after the change, after all of the content and party to use or continue to use this web site. When you use or continue to use this site, the legal representative of your user is presumed to have read, understood and agreed to accept all contents of this user's terms and subsequent modifications.

  3. When you use or continue to use this site, it means that your users agree to use electronic documents as their means.

  4. When the user to place an order for more expensive pen goods and choose to credit card or credit card payment by installment, the company will each order separately obtain authorization from the bank, but may be due to insufficient credit CARDS or system factors, lead to happen when the order goods can not be all has the bank authorized by the situation .In the event of such a situation, the company will continue to deal with the orders of your users for the goods that have been successfully authorized. If your users still need the other goods, please reorder them. However, if you are entitled to a cross-product discount, full amount/full package discount, the company will be deemed to have failed to authorize all of them. Please reselect the payment method.

  5. When you through goods ordering procedure, after the company will automatically send email in your user retained by email, inform your users of this web site has received your order demand of users, please note that the company retains before the confirmation whether the right to accept orders and shipments or not..

  6. The company will be in receipt of your order demand of users, and there are still inventory after the confirmation of payment, shipment notice to cooperate with manufacturers, your users can at any time to check "orders" orders for the latest information.

  7. To protect your user's rights and interests, before the company cooperate with the manufacturer of the shipment, your users can apply for cancellation of the order, but if your user's goods for ordering goods, your users will not be able to cancel the order).

  8. Refund for refund.

    1. if the goods ordered by your user are defective, you may require full refund.

    2. your users in accordance with article 19 of Taiwanese consumer protection law is ordering goods or services shall enjoy the right of cancelled hesitation period of seven days, but in accordance with the communications deal termination right reasonable exception if the provisions of the code, the following goods or services will eliminate consumer protection law, the provisions of article 19 termination right please users aware of:

      1. It is easy to be corrupt, and the retention period is shorter or the termination is due.

      2. Customized payment shall be made according to the customer's requirements.

      3. Newspapers, periodicals or magazines.

      4. Video or computer software that has been opened up by consumers.

      5. The digital content that is not provided by the physical media or the online services provided for completion shall be provided in advance by the consumers.

      6. Personal hygiene products that have been opened up.

      7. International air passenger service.

    3. return refund method and conditions, according to the relevant website of each product page and ordering process.

    4. return of goods, should maintain all goods, gifts, accessories, packaging, and all accompanying documents or materials in the shipment status at the time consistency, any missing parts, damage or beyond check necessary behavior, will affect your return of the rights and interests; If there is an entity invoice, it should be returned with the invoice and signed the documents required by the related laws.

    5. your users understand and agree that, if want to return or exchange, or because we can't accept all or part of your order, or contract for lifting or lose their effectiveness, and to carry out the refund for you, for you with invoice or discount list of relevant laws such as the required documents.

  9. The computer system used by this website and your user's exchange will ensure that it is safe to meet the general reasonable expectations. Your user on this site or to provide related information to exchange, the company tried to with reasonable methods of technology and application, of your user information security, your users can refer to the privacy policy of this website.

  10. Your user should properly keep the password of the account and not disclose or provide the password to others. The use of your account and password for the use of this website will be considered to be your own behavior. If your users found or suspected others to use your account or password, immediate notice must be given to the company, the company will be suspended after receipt of the notification of your user account by the processing of the transaction and subsequent use.

  11. The commodity information listed on the website is part of the contract.

  12. If the consumer has the above limit of purchase, the company will only ship the goods according to the quantity limit of the goods.

  13. If the company in accordance with the law or about to your users responsibility for damages or compensation, damages or compensation liability of the company with the controversial paid-in amount of the deal as the ceiling, the company for any because of the exchange, the other for damages < including, but not limited to indirect losses), without any compensation or liability to pay compensation.

  14. If there is any doubt in this user's terms, it shall be beneficial to the interpretation of the consumer.

  15. All service descriptions on this website are part of this user's terms. Please refer to the relevant matters and the website description of individual commodities and other service instructions for details.

  16. Applicable law: the above declaration shall be governed by the law applicable to the areas indicated in the web page and exclude the relevant provisions of the local selection of applicable laws.

The above statement is subject to amendment without prior notice.


Our Returns & Refund Policy is limited to products purchased directly from our ZADAK Online Store and the procedure for returns must be initiated within 14 days from the date the item was delivered. Please note that for items purchased from other retailers, we can only assist in warranty support.

In order to qualify for a full refund of the purchase price of the product (exclusive of initial shipping and handling charges), you must contact the Technical Support team to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) within the specified time frame of the said product. The product must be returned to ZADAK in its original packaging and condition.

Please note that the RMA number must be noted on the outside of the returned product's package. You will be considered to have returned the said product to ZADAK if you have delivered the product to a carrier and have taken all necessary steps to ensure that the product is delivered to ZADAK, including paying all shipping charges in returning the product to ZADAK. We advise that you select a method of shipping that is traceable.

Risk in the returned product only passes to ZADAK when the product is received by ZADAK and ZADAK shall not be responsible for items lost in transit to us. You will receive a refund of the purchase price that you had paid for the returned product (excluding any charges for the initial shipping and handling of the product to you) within 45 days of ZADAK’s receipt of the returned product. In the event that the procedure herein is not followed, ZADAK reserves the right to accept the return of the product on such terms that it may determine at its sole discretion.

See our warranty terms for more detailed information regarding our warranty policies.